Practical Applications of Game Theory

Two partners-in-crime are compelled to testify against one another to reduce their prison sentences. One of them, Remy Martin, a rugged outlaw mathematician, faces a series of harrowing obstacles inside a maximum-security prison, applying game theory to such questions as whether to shank the sociopath who preys upon the weaker prisoners, and how much to charge for illicit contraband in the black market prison economy, all the while addressing his biggest question: should he betray his partner-in-crime to escape from the hellhole he has landed in?

This novel is currently only available as a pdf, but will soon be available formatted for e-readers.

Mother's Milk

Cindy Kichlklug, a young, emphatically non-idealistic attorney finds herself in Washington, DC, working for a group of radical nutrition advocates with a passionate distaste for cow milk. Little does she suspect that their militant intolerance for lactose is a reaction to a secret global conspiracy orchestrated by the dairy industry, itself a puppet of alien masters from a distant planet orbiting the star Vega.

These Vegans (the ones from Vega, not the other kind) have been running things on Earth for thousands of years through mind-controlling substances secreted by the cows they brought here long ago, but now one of Cindy’s colleagues, socially inept mathematician Eddie Fishman, has discovered an innovative analytical technique that may expose their nefarious schemes. When Eddie is captured, Cindy teams up with cranky old anti-conspiracy veteran Tom Logan and a host of other rabble-rousing extremists to rescue Eddie and put an end to the diabolical (albeit delicious) machinations, all the while pursued by the dapper but devious “milk thugs” and fighting her own overwhelming desire for lattes and cheesecake.